Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Color Expotion on the nails

After couple weeks that i was playing with the stamping kit, i finally et missed to the real hand painting nail art, which result in this crazy "color explotion" desighn. By the way right now i am all in the pink color, like trying to catch leaving bright summer. So i think that with pink outfit those nails may look interesting. I used regular wet technique .

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Simple lines

This design works on any polish color, any nail shape, any ocation and even on any moode.
Really easy and fast to do, so i call it lazy solution he he. I just drow black and silver curved lines on the pastel purple base.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tender pink nails

Could not resist to try my stamping kit again! I am absolutely in love with tis product. This time doing those nails took me about 20 minutes only. I found online an advise to use stamping kit with the turned off air condition.Sounds crazy, but this time it all worked just fine, even the green side of the stamper. And also this time i made much less mess. The trik is to use a paper towel to clean the scraper instead of the cotton party, so the fibers wont stik on the scraper and image plates. I am absolutely in love with my nails with this design. Base coat is Loreal 230

Monday, August 4, 2008

Toe Nails Stamping

Another try of stamping, now on my pincky toes. For some reason it was harder to place the image on the toe nails, and for sme reason the smoller side of stamper does not stick the image any more. I think my mistake was to clean it with the polish remover. Well, anyway, i still in love with this product. Here is the result of 30 minutes of hard work lol

Wall Street nails

finantional reports are puted ander the layaer of clear acryl.
I like the look and the idea , because modern women dont want to be limited with only dry flowers on their nails.
Right on time for me, because i just knew that i was accepted to the graduate scool in college of buisness!!!!!! Yuppy-yaaa!!!!!! It was a greate chellenge for me to get in where.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Konad Stamping nail art

Yestoday received the package with my Konad stamping nail art kit.
I have ordered it from www.wowsocool.com, and i am very satisfied with the service and quality of the product. Service was really amazing, they kept in touch with me all the way - sent me lots of notifications on e mail, and i even get a chance to talk with them on the phone. The package was delivered in only 3 days from California to Colorado. So i advice this company for everyone who would like to order konad stamping nail art. And i swear that this is not a commercial but just a summery of my own my honest experience.
Actually this is the one of only 2 sites i have found on the interent that allow you to build you own kit. Even though the other site seem to sell it cheapper, i have red a bad reviews about them, that they sent just a regular nail polishes, which is useless, instead of the "special ones" And after all this other company is located in Singapore.

So i didn't really order a kit, but i have got all the polishes plates and tools separately, and for my 45$ - i have got 3 image plates ( M53, M60, M36), 3 special nail polishes (white, Dark purple and Gold), Image plates holder, scraper, and 2 sides stamper. Actually getting a 2 side stamper was the mail reason was essential for me, since my own nails are really small, i expected that smaller green side may be more comfortable to use fro me.
Sertanly as soon as i got my package i immediately started to play with it. Even though where is a lot of complains in the internet that it is hard to make this stuff work, i didn't find any difficulties with it. Nice, fast and easy. In the beginning it turned to be a little messy, but i believe with practice i ll get better with not making a mess. Also in my very first try for some reason, i couldn't make the image stick on the stamper. Later i realized that the only reason it wont stick, is because i had to use stamper faster - as fast as it possible, right after scrap a polish from the image plate. Another thing is that you have to scrap it really fast too or not all the polish will be removed. But once picture is on the scraper, you don't have to harry any more, even after five minutes it sticks on nails just fine.
i also have tried to use it with the acrylic paint instead of the special polish, it worked, but not as good as with special polishes, so i don't really think that acrilic paint can be an option. In fact the thin layer of the polish that last on the image plate, turns into a thin plastic film, and sticks on the stamper. This is pretty much like making your own nail stickers, except that it is much thinner.
As about polishes my only disappointing is gold one. I actually mentioned before - watching numberouse examples of designs, that most of them use white, black, dark purple ( which in fact look more interesting when just black) red and blue. And in fact i think that all those pink, blue ad reds, does not provide and impressive effect. The best look is with withe and dark purple. But i still decided to try the gold one. Well, it is absolutely useless on the light polishes, and you actually can see it only on black. It even does not seem to be visible even on the dark red and and blue base polish :(
Actually interesting detail is that you can mix the polishes and make a new colors.
Here are the pictures of my very first try of this product, and in fact i d like it a lot, and i do not think that it is bad first try.

Stamping Nail Art

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toe Nail Design

Some cool summer designs for toe nails that i made today for me ( green) and my friend Lena.
Both designs are wet manicure flowers, just with the different colors.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Flowers on the nails

Inspired by the flower that drow to Oksana, did those nails for myself. May sounds silly, but i really for years didnt know how to drow the flowers like this, even thouth i knew the "wet manicure" method. And i am not a big fan of wet nails, because it is messy, and hard to apply on my smoll nails. But this flowers openings and new horisonts for wet technics now for me, and i allready ahve an idea that i will try preaty soon.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tender French Manicure

This is a "Wet French Manicure" that i made today for Oksana. I also applyed some of the silver glitter in between empty spots.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Blue Lagune

Had a hard time taking the pictures of this nail design. Sometimes it looks really much better real when n the picture. I wish i knew some tips how to take pictures of nails with not so fancy camera. Anyway, even thouth my nails are short now, i really like this simple blue design

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Elena Evtuhova - my favorite nail master

Here are some of the works of one of my favorite professional nail master. I get a greate inspiration from her workd and really admire it. Even thouth i am not a professional and nail-art is only my hobby.

Picture are from the web site http://www.nogti.com/

Flowers for Natasha

It was not easy to make this girl trust me that even dark colors may look very beautiful on the nails, especially with nice design. I met a lot of girls who prefere only light and neutral colors, especialy most of them like perl polishes. But as i know from my own expirience, perl colors are not the best for drowing something on it, so for the basic color i mostly try to use matt colors

My nails matching the handbad

Joker nails for Oksana

Honestly - the idea is not mine, i sow something like this online, when was looking for ideas of my manicure for last hellowen. So i made those for myself too, and now the same design is on the nails of Oksana

One of my favorite designs - Milk Chocolate

Actually i tried this one with other colors too - and it was really cool. And very easy to make

Aquarium nails

Here is the video of making the aquarium nails. Some people believe that this is too much and that no one would want to make those nails on the real hand. Well, to tell you the truth i dream about find the way to make those nails or at least nails like those at home for myself, and on the natural nails. I really like the idea of having a moving objects inside the nails. The bad thing is that i have nether seen nail-tips like this - with the space inside.

Some experiment with french on the nails of my friend Yulia

Some more old pictures


Very beautiful flower design

Some pictures from 2005

First Post

OK here i am starting!
In this blog i am planing to post a pictures of nail design. I have been making design on my nail for years but unfortunately have only few pictures from the past, and i will definitely post it as soon as i get it on this computer. All the nail art i make myself, and if any of you have any question about how to make it i ll be happy to explain or even provide a step by step tips.
I make nails for myself every week, so i hope that will upgrade this blog pretty often.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008