Sunday, February 28, 2010

See you on Friday!

Hello my Dear Nail Art Lovers.
Tomorrow morning we are leaving for the San Francisco trip - gosh i am so super excited, this is going to be my first time in California. We going to spend where 4 romantic days full of all kind of exciting plans. So as of right now - bags are packed and nails are done.
I am going to post today nail that i have done for the trip, i hope that glitter top coat will help it last for 4 days, and neutral colors will not annoy me.

And here is a picture of my Wonderful and beautiful Kot Marshal - i guess your are so surprised on how big is he now :) He is wonderful, amazing, very loving Kot (Kot means cat in russian, but htis is how we call him around here) and i am goign to miss him so much. My friend is going to coame take care of the kot and dogs 2 times a day while we are gone, so special thanks to her :)
I hoped i can use this cool picture of Marshal as an excuse for not posting much lately.
When my Dad saw this picture he said that it must be called somehting like - "Mmmm... Those owners were delicious..." :D

Also please check out my post that i made earlier this year, with the manicure that i called San Francisco Nails :) I guess i was just inspired by the dream of cisitng Sanfran, and i am so happy that my dream is cumming true.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Area Rug Nails

I think this manicure reminds me of the red area rug :)
Anyway it was a really quick stamping , with a little bit of bling on it.
i hope you like it.
I recently broke to nails and had to cut it gain - i hate short nails, i am so ready for it to grow long back. I even seriousely considering to may be get a gel nails or something.
I think i screwed my real nail by putting acrylics on top ,now then acrylics is gone my nails are in the really bad shape, even that i wore acrylics for only 1,5 weeks.

In support of Russian Olympic Team

What a joy is the Olympics, i only wish i had more time right now to watch it.
I am so proud of Russian athletes, and for Americans as well.
Right now Russia is on 4th place of the overall medals count, with the total of 11 medals.
The red thing on my nails represents an Element from Russian Olympics uniform.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Passion or Innocence?

My manicure have chipped today so i had to take some time off from working on my project and spend it enjoying doing my nails. I also made a matching ring again - i really love it! making matching rings double the fun of doing nails and triple the style of the nail look. At least in my opinion. I left the ring semi-transparent now, and it look really amazing.
So what is your opinion, is this manicure passion? or Tender and innocent?

This is closer capture of the right hand, i actually like the drawing here even better when one on left hand

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soemthing Blue..

A really quick nail art post. Just wan tot share with you another hand painted nail design, i used to have this one on right before i made a V-day manicure.
Girls from Russian nail art community seemed to really love this one, even thought usually they are way more judgmental and likes to criticize a lot, because most of the Ladies are real professional that creates a state of art nail designs. I ll definitely make another post about Russian Nail-art some time soon, and for now i ll just share my "Something Blue" manicure.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nailed Valentines Day Manicure

Happy V-Day for all my readers :) I wish you all to love and to be loved. And I love so much all of you , thanks for sharing with me my Nail-art Journey.
So here is manicure i made for this Valentines day. I used purple glitter as a base, because this is my husbands favorite color, he is really crazy about purple.
For the design i used acrylic paints, but this time was trying to achieve a pin up "poster looking" effect. I also painted the ring to compliment this design.
I think i totally nailed it, i did not even expect the result to turn that cool and i hope my readers like it too.

Guess who is watching you? Oh yeah - this is him - love of my life my sweet Orange monkey Marshall :) he just came by to say hi...

This is Right hand, got a little lazy to paint a full set, and decided to go with only middle and thumb. It is really hard for me to paint thin lines with my left hand

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy Busy time

Hello dear readers :)
I feel so guilty that my blog is kinda a little on hold right now and i am not posting as much as i used to .The reason for that i guess the same excuse all the bloggers use - real life gets on the way. Specifically - i am trying to finish the project and the paper that needs to be done in order to complete my master degree. The project is huge and it takes all my time and soul at the moment and it became my number one priority.
So here are some manicure i have done in the past but nether had a chance to post.
I ll keep posting every now and then ,so i hope you wont forget about me.
I do not consider any of those manis a success, but i guess i ll let you to be judge