Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taste of Victory

Hello my Sweet Nail-Art Lovers
I call this manicure Taste of victory because it seems like we won.... Long story short is that Diana from Painted Lady Fingers have notified me that someone stole my header and all the content of my blog together with hers and some other fellow bloggers.
We collectively contacted blogger team and it seems like they just turned down a scam blog.
Oh, gosh that feels good to know that blogger team is on our side and help protect our blogging initiative copyrights.
So this is the manicure to celebrate our little victory.
My only hope is that scam blog will stay down from now on.

This is my right hand, to eb honest i like this one even better :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Kitty is Alive

Hello My Sweet Nail-Art Lovers
Today's manicure is a clone of one i did last summer and it involves hello kitty stamp.
This time i went with blue pallet again, but in my honest opinion kitty ended up looking a bit too blue, that would be a perfect drowned hello kitty :) Fortunately kitty is alive and manicure survived almost 5 long work days.
As a lot may wonder how i achieved this look - i simply stamped kitty first, and than put the glitter around the stamp using thin brush. I am thinking to make more manicures in this technique, i guess some flowers would look cool too.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hacky Summer Green Nails

Hello My Sweet Nail Art Lovers
Here is my manicure of the week and the last picture of nails being long. As it always happens to me, i was just trying to trim it, but went kind of really short. You will see short version in my next post.
I am not super crazy about this look, however i admire how long can my nails get, i hope you ll like the manicure

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pink tea rose

Hello My Sweet Nail-s
I was really pelased with the manicure that i am posting today.
Yes it took me quite a time to hand paint these beautiful roses , but i think totally worth it.
I see now that i deffinately need more practice, and should make more hand painted designs. I used to be able to do painting much quicker.
So i hope that this manicure will please you too, please enjoj and feel free to comment.

This is my right hand

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Raggae Manicure

Hello Sweet Nail-Art Lovers.
Thus weekend we attended a 6th annual reggae festival at the heart of the rocky mountains, here in colorado. I could not pass on the opportunity to make a theme inspired manicure for this special ocasion. I as in a hurry so it came out a bit sloppy in my opinion, but i am still blown with the look and the whole idea, and i hope that you ll like it too.