Sunday, November 29, 2009

Color Club Decals

Today just an easy and fast manicure using Color Club decals from Black and White collection.
How cute are those?
As you know, i am not a decal person, but those just touched my heart :)
I wore this manicure for 3 days, and nothing happened to the decals!!! It also was very easy to apply it using the orange stick, and i loved that you don't even have to press hard for them to stick completely.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More one stroke nails

Here are some more of my recent manicures made with acrylic paints.
Please let me know how do you think i could improve those designs in terms of colors and composition. Please tell what do you like and don't like, i really want to hear some critics
Garden Rose

Aqua Flower - for some reason those paints are not showing up well on pictures, so i played with brightens to intensify the colors

Friday, November 27, 2009

Goldy Stamp over black

Hello dear readers!
hope each of you had a wonderful thanksgiving , and great "Black Friday" (i personally past on that this year).
Quick and easy stamp manicure today - i used 24K from China Glaze Khrom collection for stamping. It is not working as good as other CG khromes, but turned out quite well on black polish. Not really visible over dark blue or all lighter ones.
I am still in search for perfect gold polish that will work with stamping.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You have to check it out! FREE ZOYA POLISHES!

Awesome "Black Friday" even from Zoya - ZOYA GREEN FRIDAY

"It's just our way of sending some green back to you!"

While other retailers taking all your green, let Zoya give you some FREE green!

Spend $20 or more and recieve 6 of our favorite greens for FREE*.

That's right, Zoya Tangy - Zoya Envy - Zoya Midori - Zoya Irene- Zoya Suvi - Zoya Veruschka all 6 for FREE on Zoya Green Friday Only with any purchase of $20 or more at
Code will activate on Thanksgiving (11/26/09) at 5 PM (EST). So you will have plenty of time to gobble your turkey and then gobble up our great greens too (who needs football anyway). Code will expire on Friday (11/27/09) at 5 PM (EST).

Evening Snowfall

Hello Dear Readers!
Today i am publishing manicure that i actually have on my nails right now, i really like how ti turned out - especially the cute little star gem from Pretty Shiny art kit that i reviewed yesterday.
The base color is Zoya "Demi" and the glitter is by China Glaze - such a brand Alliance :)
I wonder if you, guys going to be checking out blog on holidays or not? Would you like me to keep posting?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Color Club - Pretty Shiny Hollidays

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers.
Today i have a product review post. Color Club sent me new collection "Pretty Shiny Things" by Art Club - which is a total sparkle of the upcoming holidays. I was so excited about this collection, and i have been waiting for this release since August ,and finally i got a chance to put my hands on it. What to say - I am in love!!! Again as many times before Color Club made exceptional job with this shiny and glamorous art kit.
The kit includes 3 strippers - gold, silver and cooper, Gold and silvers swirled beads and a gems carousel. I would especially say a word about sparkly gold stripper - because this is the best gold stripper i have ever owned - it is structures and very sparkly, very opaque - and does not look yellow on nails as most of the gold strippers do.

The gems and beads are super cool - very very sparkly and look truly gold and silver. Swireled beads are very original, and carousel gems are a "must have" - i dreamed of metalick rhinestones like this for year.

The quality of gems is truly exceptional, i am again super impressed. The beading are very light weight which allow really easy application in terms of locating and picking it up, it looks for me like made of some elastic not very hard plastic. This material is a huge advantage compare to cheap, not professional products, because it makes the gem stick perfectly to the nail, following its curve. The gems are also very thin, does not "grow" up from the nail. I tried to show it on this picture - see, swirles are not tall at all, wich is also a very cool thing

Lacy french is made using stamps and Gold Stripper from "Pretty Shiny Things" nail-art Kit

Here more pictures of the gems. I think that cooper color is very fresh , original and cool looking .

Also some words of the decal included in the kit - you ll get 2 sheets - gold and silver decals .
I am not a big fan of the decals, in fact use it very rare, almost enther. But those really touched my heart, especially silvers, it is so cool looking that i lol probably wear it for the thanksgiving. I also think that decals can be a good idea for pedicure, not much work at all, look nice and stay on place for really long time.
I paired deacal with Color Club Cristmas collection polishes - marriage made on heaven :) Pics are a little too light - but teh result is really very nice and professionaly looking.
I am so in love with this Gold and Silver kit - its like all my gem dreams finally came true.
I ll post more designs with those fabulpouse gems in my next posts, so stay tuned .

Painted Tips

Hello Dear Readers!
I realized today that i have like a ton of nail material that i did not posted yet :) I guess i was too busy making nail-art that did not have time to post it all, but i hope to catch up on it this week.
I ll start Monday with some hand painted tips that i made last week. I am practicing my drawing skills really a lot, and try to move from paper to the tips, To have a better sens of the composition on the nail. Some of you also asked me about how am i making duo colored paintings - it is called one stroke technique and you can just Google or , even better youtube it.
The secret is to use a double loaded flat brush. Double loaded means that 2 or even 3 colors are loaded on the different sides of the brush. Where are a lot of tutorials on youtube, that i am learning from.
And as a desert a recent picture of my Marshal Cat :) He is getting big but i still believe that he is more on a kitty side when on the adult. He is such a great cat - very very nice and learning things really quick and nicely.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Golden Rose

Hello Dear Readers.
Here is a manicure i made yesterday for my friend Olga.
We both agreed that it turned out really cool.
I used gold foil flakes and acrylic paints to create this look.
Some roses and certain nails look really nice :)
I hope you like this one.

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Nails

Today i have for you another hand painted mails and also a stamping that i had last weekend.
I think composition end end up being a little too busy, but in general this is not a bad design.
I am learning...

And this is last weekend manicure, the base is essie shelter island, i got it for 3 bucks in Ulta discount basket ;)

Nails Outside the Box

This is probably firs hand painted design that i am really satisfy with.
Why should it be only painting or stamping? Why not to have both, even if teh nails are super small :)
I actually used to do it before, combine painting and stamping in one design, but before it was more painting just to complete or compliment stamps - such as fill some parts of design.
But here i believe those 2 techniques are really blended in each other and made such a beautiful Nail-Art.
I really love this one! I hope you ll too

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Girly Nails

As i promised here are some pictures of the nails i made for my friend last week.
I love working with large nails, but i am thinking a little inside the box, because my nails are so small and get used to plan the design knowing that i am really short in space, so when it comes to the larger nails, i takes me a while to plan what the design will look like.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Practicing hand painting

Today i am posting some more of my hand painting exercises, i am definitely getting better at performing basic strokes, however i see now that i have to work on my composition skills. I also have got some more paint, and keep practice on paper too. I hope that you ll like those designs, and i hope that i ll keep improving my painting skills :)
Also today made some nails for my frieds, and i am going to post it tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Emerald in Gold

Today abstract and crazy manicure!
And i don't even know if i like it or not.
I used a golden foil flakes for this look, and this was actually my first experience with the foil flakes. So what i did is just using the instrument that use to correct my eye brows and chipped parts of the foils and located it randomly on the nails.
I also used Black and white liner to make some drawing to complement the foil.
I really did not figured out yet what is the way to use those flakes, but it definitely look amazing on the nails.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Water Marble

Here is my probably the finest attempt of water marbling. I think i am starting to really learn how to do it and don't repeat mistakes. The crucial turn for me was watching Nihrida's Tutorial .
I realized that i don't have to use a lot of polish, i can only make 2 drops of polish (instead of 5-6 as i used to do) ,and having a smaller dish for water really helps too.
I also used a lip balm around my fingers and cuticle - it makes cleaning a lot easier.
I like the result, but however where is still room for improvement :) And you know what?
People who think that Konading is messy, probably nether tried water marbling - for me this experience was very super messy and extremely time consuming - i spent liek 90 minutes making this look, and after all teh cleaning arround fingers, cuticul area is atill not very clean.

Right hand
For this look i used Orly "Polo Princess as a base color" and Zoyas"Vanessa"and "Purity" for the marbles.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am so Back

Hello My Sweet Followers!
Now my contest is over and i guess i am back to regullar blogging. Again a greate thanks to everyone who took time to participate in my contest ,i am planing to have more contests and giveaways in the nearest future.
Also as you can see i have been working recently on the redesigning the blog, i made a new header and found a nice matching background, but reorganizing gadgets is still in the process.
Please let me know how do you like new design?
Now back to Nails:
I have a bunch of nail-arts from last week, so i ll post 2 set of pictures today, to catch up a bit with the recent lack of posts.
Here the base coat is China Glaze "Millenium"

And here base coat is OPI "Russian Navy"