Friday, January 29, 2010

From all my heart !

Yes with this manicure i am giving away a piece of my heart to my beloved reader :)
Wow, i guess this is the most "Hearty" manicure i ever had.
I realized that i missed stamping a lot, recently i was all about hand painting,m that have not done much of the Konad.
I am eying really hard all those new image plates available at OC Nails - they are delightful, i should definitely get it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New nails and ring

This is what i came up yesterday . I really love love love the colors and the design, especially how it is on the ring, however it looks for me, like i need longer nails to really pull it off.
I ll keep the ring and do this design again, on longer nails

Monday, January 25, 2010

Custom rings to match Nail design

Hello my Dear Readers.
I want to introduce you thE idea of custom made rings that would match nail design. I saw some pictures online and i think it looks really polished and stunning. The minute i saw this idea, i decided that i am going to have it :) For those sets i made freehand painted design, but i believe that Konad Patterns will work really great as well
As a base, i used transparent resin rings that comes really chip and in variety of sizes - i ordered it from e-bay - for about $8 for 50 pc. Rings can be painted with both - acrylic paints or regular polishes - to match fingernails designs.
When design is gone from the nails i guess ring can be left as a souvenir, or thrown away as disposable.
Please let me know how do you like it? On those pictures rings and nails that i made for my girlfriends this weekend, i was glad to know that they loved it. Would you try it yourself?
Sakura for Natasha

And sexy "Viktoria" for my friend Vika

Star Sky

Hello Dear Reader.
Having this manicure makes me feel very romantic, looking at those nails is like watching starts in a night sky with someone very special. :)
I think this turned really pretty.
Also i apologize for the lack of posting all the last week, it s just that none of my manicure ideas turned well enouth that i would like to share with you guys. However, i got my inspiration back tonight, so i have plenty of fabulous looks for this week. Stay Tuned

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aquarium Nails Again!

Hello my sweet dear readers and Nail-Art Lovers.
For a long time i was wondered about aquarium nails - is it for real? Can you really have it on your hands? How those are done?
(By the way if you still wonder what aquarium nails are, please read this post, that i had long long time ago POST )
So today i want to share with you 2 videos that i found on youtube recently. OMG! If i will ever get acrylics, i want it to be like this! I know a lot of people dont really love it very much and think that aquarium nails looks weird, but i probably have a weird nail taste, i think those nails are just amazing. I will definitely go for those, if ever find a local technician who could do those.
So here is the video od the aquarium nails on the actual hand, do you like it? The only thing i woudl change, is that i would not make a bottom transparent.

and here is the video that explains how to make those nails, really worth watching, because it does revel the history, and i am so thankful to the author.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some old Nail-Art

Since i have not done anythign arty on my nails recently, except just polishing it with CG "For Audrey", i am posting some previously made nails, when it was long :)
I did not really like those design, but finally decided to share it with you, let me know what do you think.
And also i want to thank all of you for all the nice words you post in the comments, i read everything from my e-mail, but unfortunately almost nether have time to answer, and i hope you ll forgive me for that. I love you all so much and blogging is a great part of my life ,the only thing i regret - i should have started blog few years earlier :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentines inspired nails

I guess after some shopping today, i got inspired to make some valentines related nails.
I am so sorry my nails are so short now, where is not really much i can do with it right now, but i hope, you, my friends will be patient enough until it grow back long

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Retro red nails

Hello dear readers.
I am super tired right now, so i ll just make a quick post with some pictures.
Unfortunately i broke few of my nails recently, so i had to cut it all off.
So decided to march my short red nails with my pedicure, and in fact i really love the effect.
A little Vamp but i believe very stylish looking . What do you think?

Zoya Reverie Review - Part II

Hello Dear Readers!
Today is time for Part II of the new Zoya Reverie Collection
4) Reece - is a shiny berry based light fuchsia - the color is adorable and have lots of shimmer in it.

5) Adina - this is a total hit of the collection and an absolute "must have" for spring. It is a deeply shimmered dual chrome with the satin tender violet base - ADORABLE! I was so excited about this particular polish and it did no disappoint me. I think it will be also perfect for pedicure and as a base for patterned stamping in white or black. I am also dying to see what it will look like under the matte top coat

6) Laney - Last bu not least :) At first this polish look a little ordinary - just another silver polish. But unlike other silver polishes in my collection, this one have no structure in it, and look very smooth and oily.

To sum up - the Reverie Collection from Zoya is a very nice thing to start your spring with.
Each of the colors is very special, and i am deeply in love with all of those polishes.
Stay tuned for some shocking news about my nails - that are coming up tomorrow

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zoya Reverie Review - Part I

Hello Dear Readers!
Art of Beauty was sp kind to send me new Zoya collection for review. As always i am sharing with you my honest impression of this new collection .
When i just look at the promo pictures of reverie it make me feel like the spring is really already around the corner. New Juicy and vibrant colors ,trendy duo-chromatic effect, and perfect formula - all of this is brilliantly combined by Zoya in this collection . I did fall in love with the colors from my first look, especially when i saw all this beauty in real. it felt like someone just read my mind and came up with exact colors that i was looking for to refresh my nail polish collection and prepare my nail drawer for spring .
By the way, any idea about what i used as a background for this picture ? :)

1) Lana - it looks very orange in the bottle, but once on nails it is much more pinkish and the chimer in it makes it even a little cooper looking.

2) Gwin - this one is a good candidate for the perfect orange. It is very vibrant and really nice shade of orange with the touch of pink. In fact very opaque, will work awesome for gradients and as a base for the fruity nail art

3)Happi - This is probably my favorite color from all this collection. this rose shimmer looks very fresh and vibrant. And it has a 1000 different looks . Love it!!!!

The rest i ll post tomorrow, so stay tuned for more beautiful colors from Zoya Reverie collection

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New designs and about acrylic

Hello my dear nail art lovers!
I have 2 deigns to post for you today. Why such a spoil? This is crazy but i make different designs on my right and left hands.
I also decided to try put acrylic over my natural nails, to make it stronger. Because right now my nails are at the point when they always brake - and brake painful.
I have been thinking of it for a long time, but finally decided to give it a try.
Even cheap drug store acrylics turned out to be really easy to apply but ridiculously stinky :)
So far nails feel really well and protected under it. First i tried it on my pincky and have been wearing it for 2 weeks, and today i covered my all nails on the right hand.
Pluses : Nails looks and feels stronger, better shape of my curvy nails, hopefully i ll be able to grow it pass my dead zone.
Minuses: I guess only non acetone polish remover works with acrylics, and this is not really cool, for people like me who paint nails really often. For most population it will be however a plus, because polish stays on nails as long as you want - no chipping and acrylic.
Now i am thinking to order a professional colored acrylic set and try to learn how to sculptur acrylic nails on myself. Most purpose is to make some cool special effect designs.
I know i am a Nail-Art junky, and i can go really far with it.
So here is my acrylic covered right hand with some decent comics style flower

And here is my festive right hand, i know this is crazy to have both hands painted differently, but i really wanted to try out this design, but cleaning black from acrylic will be pain in a Butty, so only left hand got this one

Friday, January 8, 2010

Stamping over marbeling

Hello dear readers. I spent wonderful Thursday walking in the city of Denver with friends, we did some mild shopping, just walked arrounf and ate in teh surprisingly delicious indian restaurant.
By the end of the day i was super tired but also inspired to make something special on my nails.
I started with making some water marbles. In this manicure the base is silver textured polish by Zoya, And for the marbling i used light violet and dark purple .I really like the effect of the light transparent violet layer over the silver - turned out wonderful new shade.
I finished this manicure with some partial stamps and Jewels. I think this mani look kind of different - and OMG! I cant believe i finally figured water marbles.
P.S. Just a friendly reminder - if you struggle with water marbling too - the useful tip from me is to use worm water, rather when cold one.

This is my right hand
This is full right hand too

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Metallic Sponged nails

I hope you, guys did not get tired of my painted nails, it is just so much fun to do this one stroke on the nails, that i just cant resist. My konad is crying is asking me to come back...
Those painted nails are just so cool looking in real life, especially now, that i am getting better at it. Do you guys miss my Konading?
For this manicure i used China Glaze Khrome and sponge - i mean for background. I did not believe that this was gonna work, but in fact turned out that those metalliks are so cool lookign for sponging.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Garden Rose

I have been drawing many roses recently, here is another instance.
Unfortunately, the paint is not very contrast on the pictures.
I base is sponged Zoya polish, i realized that sponging works really well as a base for painting, because it creates a nice background and also uneven structure, that allow paints lay better on the nails.
I think this manicure is very tender and nice looking.
Now i only spend about 20 minutes on left hand and about 25 on the right. However drawing on the right hand is still not an easy task for me. I hope you like this manicure

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What is on nail right now

Hello dear, nail-Art lovers!
I did some more nail painting today.
So, this is what i have done today and this manicures is actually on my nails right now (i dont know for how long)
I ope you too think that i am making some progress in painting, and some manis comes out nice.I am finally starting to get some depth in my drawings. I also just realized that i need to use more contrast colors for better results

This is my right hand, and i think i did a really good job on this one. usually painting with the left hand is a disaster for me