Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gelish Magnetto Polishes

Hi All 
Got 2 of  those so far and not really impressed.I love the idea of magnetic gel-polish, but colors didn't really work for my skin or something, i was not too thrilled.
I also got some extra magnets from e-bay that i didn't like, so i end up with china glaze magnet, and it was perfect - compact, has 2 patterns in one, easy and comfortable to apply compare to the ebay magnets and even original. Here are pictures
Drawn Together


Electric Metal Lover without flash
With Flash

Summer fun manicure with Red Carpet Gel Manicure

Hi All,
Got my summer nail fix, a bright pair of mani and pedi with extra cute little fish. 
I used Red Carpet Manicure gel system  .