Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Chance Trick or Treat

Ok, here is what i came up today for the party. I wanted to do somehting military to match the costume, but in last minute decided to go with orange.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blue motive

Here is another version of the previously made design, just now in blue color.
It actually turned out really well.

And here are some nails i have done today for my friend, it actually turned out really well, but pictures quality is not the best. She has gorgeous nails, and i hope that i ll do more designs on it. And by the way she is really really beautiful girl too. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hand Painted Flower

I keep practicing with my acrylic paint sand free hand drawing. Most of the time i still screw it up, but some are not bad. I wish i had bigger nails, or other people to practice on, because doing it on myself is really limited. I hope one day i ll have something really outstanding to show you, but for now here is one of tose "Not that bad flowers"
People who are really good at drawign are probably lauthing :D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nautica nails

Hello sweet beautiful ladies!
Today i am posting a nails that i have done for the Nautical Nail art contest hosted by nail juce. \
Check it out HERE. So may be my nails will inspire you to take a part in this contest as well.
I used acrylic paints to make those nails and i hope you ll like it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

One Stroke Nail Art

Here is my second attempt to do this kind of nail art. But first i have to tell you soemthing - all my life i was seriously bad at painting .I can do nails - but real painting, i cant even draw a circle. So i guess if it was done buy someone more talented it probably would look better. But come on - it is just second attempt.
i really love the look of one stroke flowers in nail art, but however it is really hard to do it on yourself, and so far for me impossible to do it with the left hand. I used acrylic paints, flat brush and ton of video tutorials. I think that once i lern teh technick i will be able to create really cool nails. So i guess this is where you cant really tell teh bodary anymore between art and Nail-Art.
Please let me know would you wear a manicure like this in real life?

Thumb is my favorite, i think ti came out the best, but on some nails butons came up cool too. My real problem is leves - they are just crazy , i need more practice.

Here are some practice on tips, that i have doen yesterday.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Pink Days

First of all i want to thank everybody who post about my contest in their blogs :)
And i also would like to welcome all the new flowers,thanks for joining my World of Nail Art!
Today i have for you, 2 pink manicures.In fact they both remind me a table cloths that would be probably at the kitchen in the house of Hello Kitty, or somehting like this.
I think those 2 are too cute for me :)
The interesting thing is that for the second many i used color club purple holo "Rule Breaker " to do the stamping - and i am more then happy with the result.
Which of those 2 you think is more cute?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Winter Nail-Art Contest!

Glitter Text Generator
Glitter Text Generator
Finally! First Nail-art Contest from Nail-Art World.
You have a chance to win a super hot new polishes from Zoya - Matte Velvet and Ultra Glitter Winter collections.International Follower are kindly welcome to participate!
First Prize - "Matte Velvete" (3 polishes)+mini Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator (1 bottle)
Second Prize - "Ultra Glitter Winter"(3 polishes)

The theme of this contest is "Winter Manicure", because winter is coming and we all want to be ready fro the cold season with the wonderful winter inspired manicure ideas. So , snow flakes, snowmen, frost and glitter - everything is welcomed, any winter inspired manicures.
- Must be or become a follower to participate
- Please submit one entry per person to the, include no more then 2 pictures of your manicure. Subject line Winter Contest, please also include your name and e-mail.
- Outside US followers are welcome!
- You can submit a second entry, if you post in your blog about this contest, please include the link on the post in the e-mail. However i encourage everybody to spread the news about this contest in your blog, and i appreciate your help with it.
Contest is open until October 31 2009

I will select a first prize winner, and 10 best entries , that will be published here for voting.
Readers will select a second prize winner. Voting will be opened from Monday - November 2 till Wednesday - November 4, and the winners will be announced and notified by e-mail no latter then Friday - November 6
I hope that this is not too many rules :) Can not wait to see all those beautiful manicures !!!!

October Sky

I really liek how this manicure came up, it is witchy and colorful.
Inspired by the night that we spend in the haunted corn maze this weekend .In fact i still can't really talk, i lost my voice screaming liek a crazy .
That was so much fun, but i ll nether go again to the haumnted corn mazes, because it is too damn scary :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Drug Store Finding - Scherer Chameleon

Recently i found this polish in my local Rite Aid store, it cached my eye, because i have not seen a lot of chameleons in blue, usually they have some yellow or purple shades, that i really don't like much. After a quick research online, i realized that this is rare to find scherer chameleon from limited edition. I can not tell you for sure how hard is that to find, but this is what blogs says.
This is a very strong duo-chromatic, and it really changes color dramatically from emerald green to metallic purple depending on the level of light. I did not catch he changes on the pictures unfortunately, but this polish is just lovely! I would call it one of the best chameleons i have seen that suits my personal taste.
Also i finally have got my package with the prizes, so tonight i am going to post c0ontest rules :D I am super excited and hope that a lot of my readers will participate in the nail-art contest. Thank you for reading and stay tuned .

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Migi Nail-Art Review

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers. Today i am publishing pictures of the beautiful Nail designs that i made using Migi Nail Art Magic Pens. Please also don't forget to check out Migi Web site for all available colors and more design ideas. MIGI SITE

As you can see from all those pictures i relaly had alot of fun playing with this product.
The Best thing about Migi Nail-Art Pens is colors. They are super bright nad opaque, and look just great on almost any base color. Inside where is also a regular brush, so you can use Migi as a base color too. The dotting part of Migi pen is realy nice - it is very easy to control and very tiny, this allows to create perfect dots of different size very very easy.
See for yourself how opaque it is... And usually difficult swirls come up this time just as a piece of cake :D

So i hope you enjoy my designs, and can't wait to get your own Migi Pens!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Metallic Rose

For this many i used nail striping tape, to create metallic accents. It was my first ever experience with nail tape - and i was pleasantly surprise on how easy it is to use. I nether new that the tape is sticky, so ti is very easy to apply and look really flat and cool. I first apply the tape and then cut off extra tape from the ages.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Camo Nails

One of my friends is out of the military, so he invited us to join his party tomorrow. The requirements for attending is to wear something military related :)
I have got a camo t-shirt and a hat, and sure have done some camo nails.
This many is very easy, but in fact turned out to be time consuming, i spent like an hour to doing all those spots on both hands.

Contest Mani

This is the mani i have submitted for another Haloween contest. This one is not a winner, but i still think ti worth to share with you, my sweet readers. I called this design "Bug Amber" - those are my natural nails and i used glittery and flaky polishes and stamp of bug.
Here you can see winners entries too , they all are super awesome!!! HERE
And here is what i had as a contest entry

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China Glaze Khrome Swatches and Konad

Hello dear reader, today i have swatches of new China Glaze "khrome" lacquers.
I basically ordered those polishes for stamping, because CG is always best choice for konad stamping, and original Konad Gold and Silver are really not coll and opaque.
So those Khrome polishes looked for me like something that will work just great for stamping.
But at the minute i try it on, i realized that i am falling in love... So here are swatches.
CG - Twenty-Four K - It is all about GOLD! Very light and sparkle, work best for stamping with darker base color
CG - Millennium - Mirror metallic silver - awesome for stamping with any base color
CG -Metallic Muse - Truly brilliant of this collection, very spacial mint metallic, super lovely, and great for stamping too.
With matting top coat also look super spacial
Some stamping :) I love this polish.