Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Joy me on facebook

Hello my Sweet Nail-art lovers.
Good news for all the facebook fans, i finally got my own page where, and i am inviting everyone to joy me where. I hope you guys will comment your butties off where, and also please share your own Nail-art, in my album "Fans Nails".
Nail-Art World on Facebook
And here is the manicure :)
I know it is spring now, but this just what my mood was like.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Very busy , but beautiful Nails

Hello my Sweet Nail-art lovers.
This nail design that i am posting today is kind of busy looking, a lot is going on on those tiny nails. It actually started as just a diagonal stripes of different shades of purple. When i decided to add a little gold, and when some stamp on the edge, and more stamp and the rhinestones.
I hope you ll like, because i am really thrilled with the result, even thought the design came to me really spontaneous.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surprisingly Orange Nail Art

Hello my Sweet Nail-art lovers.
I am not kidding today calling this design "Surprisingly" Orange.
Originally flowers were painted in red and white, but after i put on the top coat white paint turned yellow. That was super wired, it nether happened before with this paint. And i used different top coats, so it was not a top coat issue.So wile color changing is a misery, i think i even like it better this way. I really like the design, and looks really bright and summer like.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

China Glaze - Peachy Keen

Hello my sweet Nail-Art Lovers.
The moment i saw this polish on the promo pictures, even before the colelction was relesed, i knew that i get to have this color. So i finally recently got it and sharing pics with you today.
I know i can play it out with much more fun, and i will, i promise, it is just that super busy those days.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pretty Pedi

Hello my dear Nail-art lovers.
Today is a pedicure post, because my finger nails are still busy with the pretty classy stamping design from he previous post.
By the way, answering all the questions about the rings, i got row rings from e-bay sellers, it called resin rings - you can get like 50 of it for 10-15 bucks. I got 2 different styles - 50 count of each, and simply paint them to match my nail art.
And here is today pedicure .I only have 1 picture that turned out well, and i honestly don't know why my tow nails are different size - they are just always like this ,one is just bigger i guess, or grow faster :) Weird.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Konando-Set + Announcement

Hello my sweet Nail-Art Lovers!
Today i am posting a beautiful Nail+ring set that i made with Konad Stamps. I just as up for the bolder look, that is why used Konad. I still believe that nothing beats Konad, this is the only way to achieve this really polished and professional look.
About this set, most people, especially strangers, asked if i painted my nails after the ring :) So they think that the ring was first :) But actually who knows what goes first - nails or ring lol , the reality is that Koand work perfect to create awesome nail-rings sets.
And i also would like to tell you that i am going to have a give way some time next week, nothing too excited, but you d better stay tuned, and not to miss it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nails and ring set

Here is another ring-nails set that i came up with recently.
It looks a little more like winter rather then spring, but i still like it.
I sponged the light green transparent ring with the same zoya nail polish that used as a base coat for my nails. I was trying to make keep the ring semi transparent, but it did not turned really great, and a ring is nos as bright and even as nails, but however i am really pleased with the drawing on the ring.
I really love to make nails-ring sets - i think all together it looks fantastic, and catch lots of attention. Everybody are asking me where did get this service. lol

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St Patrick nails vol. 2

So here is the second green manicure that i promised you yesterday. Here i used different shades of green then in previous Mani. I like those shades better.
Also i decided to update my blog design to something spring looking. So the green design is not about St. Patrick day, but however represent a spring and dreams about summer.
Check out my new header - this is actually first time i don't have a nails or manicures on my header, but i think i came up with the pretty creative one ,and crazy as well.
It suppose to look like the grace is draining out of the nail polish bottle, and form the grace island that host the tron. And the nails polish bottle is actually located on this tron... I know this is crazy... but do YOU like it?

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick Nail Marathon

Well may be not really Marathon, but i have 2 green manicures for you this year, one for today and one for tomorrow. I finally remembered about this holiday, this is my first year to remember :)
That was a pleasure to make this manicure, because i recently realized that i have a quite broad selection of different shades of green in my Nail polish collection.
So, on this particular manicure i created extra dimension effect with the additional layering holo green stamp underneath the leave. That was quite hard to capture on the pics, but it actually turned out interesting and playful.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring in Japanese Style with French Touch

Hello Dear Readers.
Despite the fact that today's manicure is made in the Japanese style it was inspired by sheer and beautiful Color Club - French Kiss Collection that i recently got.
I dont even know how i came up with the idea, i am generally not so good at drawing sakura.
However i like the result, and i am so impressed by the new polishes.
I actually looked up online how to spell "SPRING" in Japanese language. It is represented by several characters so decided just to pick one that i liked the most.
Of course, i did not manage to make exact spelling, so i woudl say that my drawing is just inspired by this character -the last one.
Spring: Haru, はる, 春
And if any of you know some Japanese, please dont pay attention to the character i added in photo shop, it is just random character and i have no idea what it means, i just got the picture from internet. Hope it does not say anythign bad :)

This is right hand

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bright Rainbow Nails

Hello my Dear Nail-art Lovers.
I guess my mind is still blown out by the beauty of San Francisco, so today i felt an urge to create something super bright and funky on my nails. And what can be brighter and crazier then a rainbow. I complimented this design with some extra white lines stamping and added some jewels from Color Club for extra blink.
How do you like this manicure?

This is my right hand

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am back

Hello my sweet dear Nail-art lovers.
That was an amazing week for me, i fell in love with San Francisco and California. We had such a great time where, and i am truly amazed by this city. Those of you who live in around SF - you, guys are so so lucky :) I ll later post some pictures from the trip, as soon as i get a chance to look at it.
Anyway, right now i have for you a manicure...
I had some really weird experience in the San Francisco exploratorium - we went through "Tactile Dome". In a few words - it is a spherical path that you have to crow in the complete darkness, with only scene of touch as a guidness. If youa re interested you can just google it or read this review - which i find really cool and vivid -
The sad thing is that i did not really get to enjoy it as much as a writer of this review, because i freaked so bad, that right now i am even ashamed of it. Likely Eric was where with me, and i hold his hand the entire trip - so again i did not really get much of the tactile experience :( I just wish i was not so afraid ,and i regret now not going second time.
So this manicure is inspired buy this interesting experience in tactile dome.