Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Tiger Year!

Happy new year to all my wonderful readers and all the Nail-Art Lovers.
I am so excited, to start the year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese Calendar.
Tiger is the same as Cat just not domesticated, and i love cats so much.
I made 2 tigers manicures, first i made orange one, but when i realized that it is the year of the white tiger, and had nit done again tonight.
So, i hope you ll like manicures and have a cool holiday.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

China Glaze Metallics

Hello Dear nail-Art Lovers.
China Glaze marketing representative was kind enough to send me some China Glaze Metallic polishes for review - that was some kind of wonderful Christmas Miracle for me, because this is not often that companies send me polishes.
So here are those adorable colors that i have got - Adore, Millennium and My long time dream Sci-Fi . Where is no much need to say anything about formula - it is perfect as always. Colors are very opaque and look wonderful even with one coat. Perfect for Konad - as a base and as a Stamping polish as well. I also checked out, just for my own curiosity if China Glaze polishes are available in Russia, and i was pleasantly surprised that it it. it would cost about 10$ a bottle, which is a normal price for professional nail polish in Russia.
So here are the pictures and some description

1. Adore - this Metallic polish is from "Romatique" collection, but at first glance looks very similar to the one from the more recent Khrome collection. It is light green metallic with the touch of blue. The color is rich and beautiful - and aplication is really smooth.

Here is Metallic Muse from Kromes for comparability - as you can see it is also very beautiful color, but less bright when Adore. and i would say a little more minty.

2. Millennium - i would call it one of the best pure chrome metallic on the market. It is very competitive even against special Mirror effect polishes, because it shines, sparkle and reflect as a real metal. Metallics are long lasting hits and a part of any nail polish collection

3. Sci-Fi - this one is also from "Kromes". I wanted this polish ever since kromes came out - it is very intricate and provocative. I woudl call it a lacquer with the surprise. It is a silver metallic with the very gentle touch of lilack - very beautiful and very unique color.

I hope you liked this review, and it helped you to know more about China Glaze metallics

The whole true about the goose :)

Some of my friend noticed that the goose was a little to orange when it supposed to be, and asked me to check out if Marshal-Cat is still arround, so here is the whole true about the goose, all reviled
First - Good Bye Kiss

Second - loading into the oven

Third - the result :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Marry Christmas!!!

Marry Christmas to each of you my sweet Nail-Art Lovers!
Thank you very much for reading my blog and i wish you all the best and to have luck in everything you do.
Here is my little present, i finally came up with the Christmas Mani . So here is my last minute Christmas manicure for this season.
I used sponge to create effect of spray on the edge with gold polish, i am not sure i captured it on camera, but it looks really cool in real life - like a real ball on the Christmas Tree.

This is my right hand

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hand Painted Nails

I finally got some good paint, and i ll tell you - it really make s a difference.
For this design i used Mimery Polycolor paint - and it s a blast!
I still have plenty of room to improve my painting skills, but i think this one turned out quite well, i even made right hand too.

This is my right hand

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Angels

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers .
As i promised trying to catch up on the Christmas manicures. This cute angel manicure is inspired by the "Day 5: Angelic with blue and Silver" posted by Doo-Polishing. I could not resist to have those angels on my own Nails. Thank you Doo for great idea, and i hope all of you are not disappointing with my execution of this manicure.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It s the most wonderful nails of the year...

I mean not really, i am just trying to get my holiday mode.
I know i should have already made so Christmas manicures by now, and i promise to catch up on it this week, but for today i am sharing with you some beautiful manicure too.
I think this mani look quite festive and appropriate for holidays too - may be like a new year manicure.
Yesterday we had our annual meeting with Russian girls who lives around here - where was 7 of us this year , and this was our 3rd meeting. We had a lot of fun and everybody loved my nails as usually.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ICY Manicure

I seriousely love this manicure, actually wore it for few last days, turned out really great.
I used some chipped blue film that i got from Sally Beauty, for the icy effect. The chips are more for acrylic or gel nail, and it was pretty big chips, so i had to cut it smaller.
I try to come up with more Christmas manicures, but my head is really to busy right now with school stuff as it is end of the semester ,so still can not get any holidays spirit.

Here is left hand, forgot tu put the glitter coat

Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Nails

I am really tired and falling asleep, so today just a quick post with some nails :)
Let me know what do you think about this manicure

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Manicure ideas for Christmas

Hello Beautiful Nail-Art Lovers!
I hope you all had wonderful weekend.
Today i have 2 versions of the same manicure, both made by me, but one is made on my own nails, and other was made on my friends Nails.
I actually did this for one of the contests, but realized that my tiny nails can't really compete well, i needed bigger nails, so i called my beloved forever nail-art model - Olga.
I did not win anything anyway, but at least i can share with you those Christmas manicure ideas,and i hope you ll like it.
By the way, for the extra sparkle on the free edge, i used gold foil flakes.

Those are Olgas natural nails

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nigth Club Martini

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers!
Today i am sharing with you my attempt of Martini glass manicure. Where are many different variation of this manicure, and almost everyone who does some nail-art have tried this one, or at least was thinking of it.
I think my turned out not bad at all, i did all the design with nail polish strippers. Special thing about it, and something think is really cool, is little "olive" dot in each glass - i made it using China glaze khrome polish.
So i hope this mani will spice up your weekend a little. And another excited news is that i died my hairs today - it is now dark auburn. I have not died my hairs for a really long time, like since i was 16-17 y o. I like my naturaly rich and dark color, but i guess just want to try something new. I cant say that i hate the result, but i definately have to get used to the new look, so far it feels weired. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mega Nails

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers!
I am glad to report that Giveaway Winner have contacted me, so the prize is going to France now :) But don't get sad, just stay tuned, more contests and giveaways are coming soon.
But today i ll spoil you with really cool looking black, white and gold manicure.
I love how this one turned out, it was inspired by some picture i found, probably posted by one of my readers. I really liked the concept, but i had to adapt it for my tiny nails.
If you are an original author, please leave a comment and i ll give you a credit here, by providing link on you blog in this post.
So i hope you like both - mine and original, and have a wonderful day!

Here is the original - see i only used the concept :) Please let me know if you are an author, so i can give you credit here