Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cristal Rose

Hello Dear Nail-art Lovers.
Today i am presenting you another attempt of the hand painted nail-art - "Cristal Rose"
I really like how this one turned out, i did it on both hands and even wore few days last week.
I recently realized that most problems i have are because of the cheap paint. So now i dream to get some expensive professional paints. I read a lot good about "Polycolor" paints, but it is too pricy - 70 bucks for 12 small paints.
So i wonder may be anybody know any other good brand of professional paint in US, that is not that expensive?
So far i used paints i got from Hobby Lobby - mostly cheramcoat and folk-art, but the problem is that those paints are not opaque, at list when i paint on nails, however on paper or wood it is just fine), so i guess i need more opaque paints.
Please comment if you have any suggestion of recommendation regarding paint , and of cause i hope you ll like the manicure.

Right hand

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