Friday, October 23, 2009

One Stroke Nail Art

Here is my second attempt to do this kind of nail art. But first i have to tell you soemthing - all my life i was seriously bad at painting .I can do nails - but real painting, i cant even draw a circle. So i guess if it was done buy someone more talented it probably would look better. But come on - it is just second attempt.
i really love the look of one stroke flowers in nail art, but however it is really hard to do it on yourself, and so far for me impossible to do it with the left hand. I used acrylic paints, flat brush and ton of video tutorials. I think that once i lern teh technick i will be able to create really cool nails. So i guess this is where you cant really tell teh bodary anymore between art and Nail-Art.
Please let me know would you wear a manicure like this in real life?

Thumb is my favorite, i think ti came out the best, but on some nails butons came up cool too. My real problem is leves - they are just crazy , i need more practice.

Here are some practice on tips, that i have doen yesterday.

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