Sunday, October 18, 2009

Migi Nail-Art Review

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers. Today i am publishing pictures of the beautiful Nail designs that i made using Migi Nail Art Magic Pens. Please also don't forget to check out Migi Web site for all available colors and more design ideas. MIGI SITE

As you can see from all those pictures i relaly had alot of fun playing with this product.
The Best thing about Migi Nail-Art Pens is colors. They are super bright nad opaque, and look just great on almost any base color. Inside where is also a regular brush, so you can use Migi as a base color too. The dotting part of Migi pen is realy nice - it is very easy to control and very tiny, this allows to create perfect dots of different size very very easy.
See for yourself how opaque it is... And usually difficult swirls come up this time just as a piece of cake :D

So i hope you enjoy my designs, and can't wait to get your own Migi Pens!

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