Monday, November 23, 2009

Color Club - Pretty Shiny Hollidays

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers.
Today i have a product review post. Color Club sent me new collection "Pretty Shiny Things" by Art Club - which is a total sparkle of the upcoming holidays. I was so excited about this collection, and i have been waiting for this release since August ,and finally i got a chance to put my hands on it. What to say - I am in love!!! Again as many times before Color Club made exceptional job with this shiny and glamorous art kit.
The kit includes 3 strippers - gold, silver and cooper, Gold and silvers swirled beads and a gems carousel. I would especially say a word about sparkly gold stripper - because this is the best gold stripper i have ever owned - it is structures and very sparkly, very opaque - and does not look yellow on nails as most of the gold strippers do.

The gems and beads are super cool - very very sparkly and look truly gold and silver. Swireled beads are very original, and carousel gems are a "must have" - i dreamed of metalick rhinestones like this for year.

The quality of gems is truly exceptional, i am again super impressed. The beading are very light weight which allow really easy application in terms of locating and picking it up, it looks for me like made of some elastic not very hard plastic. This material is a huge advantage compare to cheap, not professional products, because it makes the gem stick perfectly to the nail, following its curve. The gems are also very thin, does not "grow" up from the nail. I tried to show it on this picture - see, swirles are not tall at all, wich is also a very cool thing

Lacy french is made using stamps and Gold Stripper from "Pretty Shiny Things" nail-art Kit

Here more pictures of the gems. I think that cooper color is very fresh , original and cool looking .

Also some words of the decal included in the kit - you ll get 2 sheets - gold and silver decals .
I am not a big fan of the decals, in fact use it very rare, almost enther. But those really touched my heart, especially silvers, it is so cool looking that i lol probably wear it for the thanksgiving. I also think that decals can be a good idea for pedicure, not much work at all, look nice and stay on place for really long time.
I paired deacal with Color Club Cristmas collection polishes - marriage made on heaven :) Pics are a little too light - but teh result is really very nice and professionaly looking.
I am so in love with this Gold and Silver kit - its like all my gem dreams finally came true.
I ll post more designs with those fabulpouse gems in my next posts, so stay tuned .

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