Monday, November 23, 2009

Painted Tips

Hello Dear Readers!
I realized today that i have like a ton of nail material that i did not posted yet :) I guess i was too busy making nail-art that did not have time to post it all, but i hope to catch up on it this week.
I ll start Monday with some hand painted tips that i made last week. I am practicing my drawing skills really a lot, and try to move from paper to the tips, To have a better sens of the composition on the nail. Some of you also asked me about how am i making duo colored paintings - it is called one stroke technique and you can just Google or , even better youtube it.
The secret is to use a double loaded flat brush. Double loaded means that 2 or even 3 colors are loaded on the different sides of the brush. Where are a lot of tutorials on youtube, that i am learning from.
And as a desert a recent picture of my Marshal Cat :) He is getting big but i still believe that he is more on a kitty side when on the adult. He is such a great cat - very very nice and learning things really quick and nicely.

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