Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Image plates

I just got the diy image plates set, and i am a bit disappointed, because the majority of images is too large for my Little nails. I confirm that images are better then on the original konad, but be careful if you have Little nails because it may not fit. So out of all 6 image plates only very several images are really usable for me :(
But the good news is that i have got a hello kitty plate :) Even though it too big for my fingernails, i can use it on toe nails, and i already stamped it on my husbands toes. :)
By the way it may be not a bad idea to exchange image plates. I mean i would trade those new once to some used original konad plates. If you tired of your plates let me know if you are up for exchange.
Here is what i have, the images are really lovely, and will work perfectly on most of the regular size nails, my nails are just really very small.
So let me know if you want to exchange your old image plates to somehting from what i have.

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