Thursday, September 3, 2009

Art-Club - Boudoir Collection !

Hello Dear Nail-art Lovers!
As i promised - today i am presenting you an ultimate box of treasure for nail art lovers - Black and White "Boudoir collection" by Art-Club.This is simply awesome stuff. Black and White is always modern and always in style - so this collection and designs that you can make using it will be always edgy.
I also want to say a ward about quality. I usually buy my nail-art supply on e-bay and the cheaper the better. But once i try those professional nail art decors - i am a client for life. The quality is super high and i definitely can tell the difference. Shapes are super sparkly and thin, decals are thin and super sticky too ,very easy to apply, pait nether licks when applying a top coat.
Rhinestones wheel is another gorgeous discovery, i already mentioned, that they are super different, because the middle is made of mirror, and in the sunny room it even makes sunny-bunnies. They come in different sizes and colors, where are also some Perl black and white rhinestones, and even if it looks like where not so many of them - with closer look, i realized that it is really a lot.
In 3 words, i would say that Professional nail-art sets from Color Club are all about edgy style and the highest quality.
So here are some designs that i made to try everything out :)

Shapes are super sparkly and nicely thin. Even on tiny nails like mine it lays perfectly.
The design possibilities are endless, because black and white are essential colors.

Closer look collage.

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