Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't Get Ripped Off Buying P90X

Attach the word scam to any product and you get the instant feeling that the product is junk, doesn't work and is designed to take your money leaving you feeling like you got ripped off. With P90X though this is not the case it is not a scam at all, in fact it's a one of the most proven to work in home exercise programs of all time. The in home program heavily promoted through infomercials and online advertisers has a great reputation as being a solid program well worth it's weight (and it's heavy) in gold. Yet many consumers have been taken advantage of, ripped off, and left with a product that is to say the least sub standard. This article will outline 3 reasons this has happened to many and how to prevent it from happening to you.

The p90x Scam Is On: First it should be mentioned that the parent company of P90X bechbody has gone to some incredible lengths to bring to the health and fitness market a top notch exercise program. With that being said anytime you have a great working product, a huge interest in that product and a way to produce it cheaper and undercut the legitimate retailers of that product, it creates a "perfect storm" for scam artist and fake reproductions that are never good quality.

P90X is no different and many unscrupulous organizations have taken advantage of this situation creating many great looking outlets guarantees that ingeniously deceive the end buyer into purchasing what they think is a great deal on a P90X workout program when in actuality it is an unauthorized copy of the original product.

If Buying P90X - Buyer Beware! If you find yourself totally sold on the workout from whatever media means beachbody has used to pitch you the P90X story (usually great infomercials and tons of online ads) then try it and see if it works. But before you buy you might want to do your research a little, and this is where the "Buyer Beware" catch phrase comes in handy.

Try to combat the initial impulse to buy cheap and save a few bucks. There's no shortage of ways to save some money when it comes to P90X but 9 times out of 10 those that do find that their version is incomplete, or totally non functional. Others wait a few weeks only to find that their item never shipped and when they inquire as to where it is are not able to speak to customer service because they don't speak Chinese (no joke!). So if your going to buy a P90X make sure it's from a legit source, keep on reading to find out what makes a retailer genuine versus phony.

Looking To Save A Buck On P90X: For those internet savvy shoppers out there the following scenario is usually what unfolds. Your convinced of the program and decide to buy it, but your not one of those that picks up the phone to order something from an 800 infomercial number at 3am. Rather after some time and reasonable thought you decide to go online and "research" the program. You find it on Google quite easily and decide to dig past page one of the search results looking for a better price. After a few moments you begin to see a barrage of good looking sites all listing the complete P90X system for $30, $40, $50 or more dollars off the "sticker" price. And this is how they get you, the prospect of saving $50 bucks is just to great a temptation to pass up. Your savvy shopper grin quickly fades away after the realization sinks in that you've been scammed.

Ways To Ensure Your Not Scammed: There are several ways to insulate yourself from getting ripped off with no repercussions to the seller. The best way is to make sure and buy from an authorized Beachbody retailer or coach. If your unfamiliar with Beachbody coaches they are in a sense the Beachbody grass roots sales force. If word of mouth or buying from a friend isn't your thing there are many online retailers that legitimately sell P90X. The best way to spot one is that they sell the program for the retail price of $119.85 as a legitimate distributor cannot sell the program for less than what Beachbody sells it for. Anyone selling P90X for less is guaranteed to be not legitimate and selling fake, bootleg, pirated or whatever you want to cal it P90X programs.

I still strongly encourage you to shop around a bit even if the retail price is fixed between Beachbody and all it's legitimate online retailers and coaches. This is because the online retailers are given a little latitude in how much they can charge for shipping and whether or not they decide to charge sales tax. In the end shopping around may still save you $20 bucks or more if you find a retailer not looking to completely hose you.

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