Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gradation nails ( by hands)

As i bet any of you i have quite a collection of polishes , with the bad level opacity.Those are type of polishes that takes more then 2 layers to get any solid color, but even fter hours of drying all those tons of layers you still can see what is going on under the polish .
Now here is a bright idea how to tern whose whose useless polishes into the powerful nail-art tool.Those polishes are just perfect to do the graduation on your nails, so i hope you didn't throw all of them away.
I played a little with this idea and here are some result.

You can easily create the graduation by following those steps:
1. Find the right polish, it must be very transparent, polishes without glitter or chips works the best.
2. Put the really thick layer of the transparent polish on the entire nail, and let it dry just a litle
3.Put the next layer on the 1/2 of nail, starting from the middle and going up, let it dry just a little again.
3. Put the 3 layer of polish on the 1/3 nail.
4. The best result you get if you use a glitter top coat, however you can use a regular one too.
As a top coat i used the one i have got from Brook "Colorama top coat" by maybelline

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