Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy about fimo fruits

I am seriousely thinking aout getting acrylic nails. And the only reason i want them, is that i want a design with fimo fruits,baked into the clear acrylic, so the nail is smooth. If i just piut the fruits on tp of the natural nails they gonan be highter then the rest of nail :(
How do you guys think, or may be know for sure, what is put a coat of the clear acrylic on the natural nail and bake fruits in it
i so adore nice fruity nails, and i so much want to see it on my nails. However acrylic nails supposed to last couple weeks , but i don't know how long i will like the same design, since right now, i change my nails almost every day ( THANK YOU, CHEATERS OF SECHE VITE!!! )
I nether had acrylics before, so i am also a little worry about how is it going to feel and if i can stand it. Please share your expirience about acrylic nails, and let me knwo what do you think about my desire to ge tit?
Here are some fruity nails - something like this is what i ahve in my mind
Pictures are from russian social network site and from the site that i can not find anymore, but pictures are labled. I ll take them off after a while, just really wan tto show you good examples of what i am taking about.

Here the design is not smooth, and this is not what i want, i want fruits to be inside the nails

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