Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zoya French Review

I just found the best ever french manicure set. I am just in love. This is honestly the best french manicure i have tried. Those polishes have a perfect combination of great formula, awesome colors , and good coverage. I have tried tones of french manicure sets, both professional and from drug stores, but Zoyas french is totally the best solution for me. I really enjoy occasional french, it is a great fast solution when need perfect nails on the run, but i really hate carving french with bad polishes, and finding the right ones was a challenge for me.
So, about Zoyas:
1. White is finally real bright white with great coverage, that requires only one coat for perfect look!!!!!!!!
3. I used Zoya Sari, which is pinkish french top coat, but where is a variety of colors and tones of the french top coats offered by Zoya, so it is really a matter of taste. But , again, this polish has everything i was looking for in the perfect french top coat. It does not make white tip look yellow, when used on top of white, but in the same time cover all imperfections of real nail color and structure, and gives this healthy shiny look.
4. FORMULA IS JUST GREAT!!! And yes i just want to scream it around. i ll be honest, i don't think that Zoyas polish has the greatest formula i have ever used, but french polishes are different. It dry quite quick, and turns into soft silicone feel coat. It also very easy to apply , it does not licking at all and in the same time not too thick. And i also want to mention a very good quality brush, which allows you to easily create a smile line without using stencils.

So here are the pictures of manicures that i made using those polishes in the last couple weeks, and i hope you ll like it. And i think no need to say again that i just love Zoyas french solution.

The first manicure is remake of the design first presented by Nether Too Much Glitter, which i totally liked :)

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