Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seche Vite for Sweet Dental Lady

My dental hell is officially over, i had last appointment today, and doctor said that everything is just great, and i really feel way better. You know those days with all those anesthetic technologies it is really not that bad, but as i believe most people i still have a great great fear of dental procedures and of dentists. But the worst thing is later you ll have to pay for your fears with more complicated, expensive and scary procedures.
I was so lucky with the office where i was referred, everybody where was so great, and not only have done excellent job but also pay a lot of attention to my nails, so this is basically why i am having this post.
We disused with sweet lady today the nail related stuff and i mentioned the SECHE VITE top coat - as the best ever ever thing on earth. I think most of you, my readers, are familiar with this great exploration of the modern nail technologies. But if you are not, believe me, you get to try it, this thing will change your life forever, because it will dry your nail polish really quick, no meter how many layers of polish you have. And it will really save you all the time in the world, and you ll be able to do your nails as often as you want. So i told a sweet dental Lady about my blog, and just in case if she ll check it out, i wanted to post a picture and exact name of Seche Vite top coat.
And if you ll read it, again, thank you so much for everything, i am really glad it is all over, and you, guys, made it best possible experience for me.

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