Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kids Manicure

Those are the nails of my friend's kid Dasha - she is 11 y o, and she totally loves all the nail stuff :) She always notice my nails, always ask me questions about how to make nails look better. I promised to get her a cool set for manicure this birthday. Her mom does not allow her make nails or play with make-up ( she is a piano player herself, and always kept her nails short) , so we were a little going against mom, making her nails. But it was long time promised, that when they come to our house i ll do her nails... I was expecting to make somehting girly pink with hearts or butterfly lol. Dasha said that she hates pink, and only wanted black nails with skulls or stars :)
At the end she was totally happy, her mom had a heart attack, and i gave her a bottle of remover, and she promised to clean it right away when it starts shipping :)

In fact we had 3 kids in the house this weekend - Dasha, her brother Nikita who is 10 yo, and little Syrsha, who is i believe between 3 and 4 yo. Oh my god, she is so sweet little angel, it was so much fun to have kids, and i just admired how the little one set on my husbands laps :)
The interesting thing is that older kids are from Russia, and live in the US only 2 years, and little one is American .Kids spend a lot of time together, and this is just amazing how quick Syrsha picks up Russian language, She already makes sentences, and i believe she understand everything in Russian. And the really amazing thing is that she says Russian words without any accent. So i think she has a good chances to grow up bilingual

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