Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stolen Nails :)

Stealing nail design is super addictive - try it once and you can not stop anymore.
I stole a nail design from other gorgeous blogger again ... Its just if i see the design that i like i can not resist, i want to see it on my nails.
I don't know how ethical is this practice, but i mean, when people provide instructions on how to make manicure, don't they wish someone try to make it?
And i always try to post the link on the original author... Lets call ti remake, not stealing :)
So , i have seen those pictures few days ago, and fell in love with this manicure, the minute i sow it, i knew that i must make it. I sure used not exact polishes as in original mani, but got quite close, and i used sponge for gradation too.
So here is the ORIGINAL MANICURE from lovely Charmign Nails blog
And here is my remake. Please let me know what do you think about manicure remakes, do you think it is kind of ok or kind of not cool, to remake others manicures?

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